Motorola Moto E30 Problems and Quick Fix for Camera, Bluetooth, SIM, Wi-Fi, YouTube and Others [Solved]

Earlier on when we shared a post about the specs and awesome features of the Motorola Moto E30 it clearly showed that it is definitely going to be a masterpiece in the hands of users who seek to get the best experience they deserve while using a smartphone of our generation. But from APKMayor we see Motorola Moto E30 like other world-leading Android OS device out there that isn’t 100% exempted from having error or failure problems with time.

Note: The steps here are basic and are tested and trusted methods of resolving simple smartphone issues like Motorola Moto E30 by APKMayor’s experienced smartphone technician. If any of these steps did not help to fix your Motorola Moto E30 then, you might want to consider carrying out a device reset or our guide on how to flash Motorola Moto E30 back to its factory state when you purchased it.

Below Are Some Problems and Fixing You Can Apply to Your Motorola Moto E30 Device:

  • Camera failure – can’t connect to camera fixing on Moto E30
  • Unfortunately, YouTube has stopped working on Motorola Moto E30
  • Wi-Fi connection problem and fixing on Moto E30
  • Bluetooth connection problem on Moto E30
  • SIM Issue on Motorola Moto E30
  • Performance Issues on Motorola Moto E30
  • SD Card not detected on Motorola Moto E30
  • Battery drains fast and charges slowing on Motorola Moto E30
  • Overheating problem on Motorola Moto E30
  • Touchscreen not responding on Motorola Moto E30
  • Earpiece Sounds Robotic on Moto E30

Note: we still profer solutions to issues that are not listed above that you would need for setting and little fixing for your Motorola Moto E30.

#1 – Camera failure – can’t connect to Camera

  1. Take off the SD Card if any is inserted in your Moto E30 or Change it with a new one.
  2. Observe the Camera module of your Moto E30 to be sure it’s not loose. Tighten up loose screws if any is observed.
  3. Tap on your Motorola Moto E30 camera up to two to three times.
  4. Carry out a factory reset to observe if this will fix your Motorola Moto E30 device.
  5. Change the Moto E30 Camera Module. You can place an order for one from any of the leading online stores like Amazon or eBay.
  6. Still can’t fix the Moto E30 camera failure with the previous tips. Then, send your Motorola Moto E30 back to the supplier for repair if it is still under warranty. Else, look for a smartphone technician.
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