OnePlus 9RТ Problems, Settings, How to, Fixing and Other [Questions, Answered and Solved]

Here is a list of possible issues, settings, and do-it-yourself guide you would want to know to get the best user experience of your OnePlus 9RТ. Please feel free to drop a question on Issues, settings, how to, fixing, or anything relating to OnePlus 9RТ that is not listed here and we will pr0fer solution to you ASAP.

  1. How do I flash my OnePlus 9RТ?
  2. How do I root my OnePlus 9RТ?
  3. How do I hard reset my OnePlus 9RТ?
  4. How do I reboot OnePlus 9RТ?
  5. How do I unlock OnePlus 9RТ?
  6. What should I do when OnePlus 9RТ won’t turn on?
  7. What should I do if OnePlus 9RТ doesn’t charge?
  8. What should I do if OnePlus 9RТ doesn’t connect to PC via USB?
  9. How do I take a screenshot on OnePlus 9RТ?
  10. How do I reset FRP on OnePlus 9RТ?
  11. How do I call recording on OnePlus 9RТ?
  12. How do I update OnePlus 9RТ?
  13. How do I connect OnePlus 9RТ to TV?
  14. How do I clear the cache on OnePlus 9RТ?
  15. How do I disable ads on OnePlus 9RТ?
  16. How do I clear storage on OnePlus 9RТ?
  17. How do I increase the font on OnePlus 9RТ?
  18. How do I share the internet on OnePlus 9RТ?
  19. How do I transfer data to OnePlus 9RТ?
  20. How do I unlock the bootloader on OnePlus 9RТ?
  21. How do I recover photos on OnePlus 9RТ?
  22. How do I record the screen on OnePlus 9RТ?
  23. How do I find blacklist in OnePlus 9RТ?
  24. How do I set up fingerprint on OnePlus 9RТ?
  25. How do I block a number on OnePlus 9RТ?
  26. How do I enable auto-rotate on OnePlus 9RТ?
  27. How do I set up or turn off an alarm on OnePlus 9RТ?
  28. How do I change my ringtone on OnePlus 9RТ?
  29. How do I enable battery percentage on OnePlus 9RТ?
  30. How do I turn off notifications on OnePlus 9RТ?
  31. How do I turn off Google assistant on OnePlus 9RТ?
  32. How do I turn off the lock screen on OnePlus 9RТ?

1. How do I flash my OnePlus 9RТ?

Why do you want to flash your OnePlus 9RТ? Flashing is usually the last resort as there are several ways to fix common issues you might be having with your OnePlus 9RТ.

However, you will find a detailed guide on how to flash your OnePlus 9RТ here.

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